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Former New York State Traffic Court Judge 

“I am acutely aware of the need to preserve the rights of the accused and I am committed as a defense attorney to protect all those being unjustly prosecuted. Not all of those accused are guilty. I will diligently pursue all defenses and all possible avenues of innocence. This is my promise.” RSE




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The law firm of Robert S. Evans, Esq. concentrates on the defense of all types of criminal matters; driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI); reckless driving; suspended or revoked driver’s licenses; and traffic tickets – including moving violations such as speeding or red light violations.

We have special expertise in matters of trucking regulations and violations; commercial driver’s licenses; transportation of oil and gas; movers and transporters of goods; and motor vehicle and DOT regulations.

Robert S. Evans, Esq. – a former New York State administrative law judge in the Traffic Violations Bureau for twenty years and a criminal defense attorney for ten years – and his associates are experienced traffic court advocates, well known in all New York State courts and administrative tribunals.

· Have you been charged with a traffic or moving violation?
· Is your driver’s license suspended or revoked?
· Are you a truck owner or operator with safety or administrative violations?
· Do you have a CDL?
· Is your vehicle about to be towed because of out-of-service violations?


· Driving on a suspended/revoked license is now a crime punishable by jail?

· Conviction of drug possession will result in license suspension/revocation, regardless of whether or not a motor vehicle was involved?

· Failure to pay child support or a judgment involving a motor vehicle accident will result in the suspension of your license?

· Arrests arrest for DWI will result in the immediate suspension of your license pending prosecution? (And possible seizure of your car!)

DRIVERS:  Haven’t  paid or contested your ticket for a moving violation?

· DMV can suspend your license and/or impose a penalty for 6 or more points.
· DMV will list the conviction and points on your driving record.
· Your insurance costs can be increased for three years, or the policy cancelled.

Our objective is to save you points, insurance expense, time away from work or school, and to protect your license from suspension.

If you are charged with a moving violation, Robert S. Evans, Esq. will advise you about the number of DMV points and if you could lose your license. You also will be advised whether an attorney can appear in court without you present, what you can reasonably expect as an outcome, and the legal fees.


New York State law requires corporations to be represented by an attorney in all Criminal Court proceedings.  If your company or its attorney does not appear on a scheduled court date, the company will be convicted, maximum fines will be imposed, and a notice of judgment will be sent. Robert S. Evans, Esq. can help your company avoid judgment payments and provide defense expertise for upcoming cases.

If you need our help, or just have a question, call us anytime (24 hours, 7 days a week) at:

What to expect:

· Speak with a live person 24/7.
· All calls returned promptly by an attorney.
· Clear explanation of strengths and weaknesses of your case, along with possible defenses.
· Discussion of strategies for trial or case disposition.
· Aggressive plea bargain with your case’s prosecutor.
· Maximum effort will be made to achieve maximum results.

Your telephone consultation is free.  Perhaps we can answer your questions over the phone.  
If you need to retain us, our fees are reasonable.

The law firm of Robert S. Evans, Esq. defends those accused of all the following offenses in both New York State and Federal District Courts:

· Assault
· Bad checks/credit card fraud
· Burglary
· Domestic violence
· Drug possession/sale
· Drunk driving (DUI/DWI)
· Gun/weapon possession
· Harassment
· Murder/manslaughter
· Negligent homicide
· Reckless driving
· Robbery
· Sex offenses
· Theft/forgery
· Trucking violations
· Vehicular infractions/suspended licenses




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